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78257 Pain Management

Pain management therapies in 78257

78257 pain management

78257 pain management

At Texas Oaks Orthopaedic, our More about the author team treats the whole person. We are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced, innovative treatments to help reduce your pain and restore full function. Some of our pain management therapies treat common conditions such as shoulder pain and plantar fasciitis. The muscles and bones of the shoulder are constantly in use when raising and lowering your arm. Shoulder pain can be caused by overuse of the shoulder when reaching, throwing or supporting your body weight. The shoulder joint is also one of the most unstable joints in the human body making it vulnerable to injury and pain. Additionally, bursa, or a tiny fluid-filled sac that helps to reduce tissue friction, exists around the joint. Inflammation or injury of the bursa causes shoulder bursitis. In the feet, plantar fasciitis involves a localized swelling, irritation, and/or bursitis of the thickened fibrous bands supporting the bottom of one’s foot. In most cases, painful symptoms arise at or near the point at which the bands are attached to the heel. When a person stands, these fibrous bands stretch and elongate under the pressure and pull on the heel. The pain is mostly localized to the heel and arch areas with occasional radiation of discomfort up the back of the leg. The treatment of a plantar fasciitis condition initially includes stretching exercises, shoe modifications, foot taping and padding, possible injection of an anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and the use of oral medications.

Our 78257 pain management team will take a thorough medical history, provide a comprehensive physical examination, and take Xrays or MRIs to get a complete overview of your condition. We start your care using non-invasive modalities, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. This is a safe and promising new technology which uses components of the patient’s own blood to treat many sports related tendon problems. Blood is drawn and prepared with proprietary centrifugation machinery by your doctor in the office. Many of our patients have successfully avoided surgery with complete pain relief with PRP.

We believe in partnering with our patients to make the best health care choices for optimum results. Our More about the author team understands that your quality of life is affected by your condition and strive to restore complete functionality and return you to your active lifestyle.

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